Borg World The Age Of The Jewish Messiah

The Rabbi's state their "god" is "The Heavenly Metatron" and they call this a hive mind of literal Reptilians whom they also called the Seraphim but are literal Reptilians that appear to them as Reptilians.

The Rabbi's state what the Jews call the Messiah is when earth is turned into the image of the Heavenly Metatron. One high level Rabbi literally used the Borg as the example of what the world will be turned into as the Messiah age. This age is called in Judaism the "New Covenant" which is what the Christian Bible is called by the Rabbi's who wrote it. This age is when all of humanity has been conquered and turned into a Borg slave race with a hive mind. This is how the Bible ends in the book of Revealing ie Revelations. Humanity is turned into a hive mind with no differences of race, sex, class, family, gender or individual thought. The descent of the Heavenly Jerusalem is the cube of Metatron descending to create this "New Earth". That is also what Jewish Communism is the continuation of.

Now the planet has advanced to the level with genetics' and technology where the Jews along with occult control with the spell of Christianity the enemy are manifesting this program into reality. They are already pushing transhumanism which will use criminal genetic engineering and technological microchip implants to transform humanity into the earthly Metatron this includes brain chips to create a hive mind. In the writings of the high level Rabbi's like The Gaon of Vilna going back century's they are stating they are going to use the emerging technology to manifest the plan of "god" and bring in the Messiah Borg humanity.

The Metatron is three things a trinity, at the top its the Seraphim which the Rabbi's state are a hive mind of literal Reptilian Extra Terrestrials, the race of Israel the Jewish race soul and the Torah. The Rabbinical texts state that the race of the Jews have a "higher group soul" which is shared with the Heavenly Metatron which is the beings they call their literal masters the Seraphim the Reptilians. This is because as the Jews stated their race didn't come from this world it came from "out there beyond this world". The Jewish texts their "god" didn't create this physical planet. The Rabbi's show the name Elohim in Jewish Gematria adds to a term in Hebrew that means "nature" that nature the universe, natural law created the physical planet. The Jews in their texts state their race is from the blood of YHVH which as their racial Cohen gene shows contains Reptilian DNA. They are a hybrid race and are the incarnation of the Reptilian, gene soul group in this world. That is the key to their whole occult system. Its the manifestation and extension of their racial alien soul group. The Heavenly Metatron is the Reptilians the Lesser Metatron the Torah energy and the Earthly Metatron the Jews.

Behold the Seraphim of the Heavenly Metatron....

That is the Jewish "god" of the Bible.

These Jews are an alien program and nothing more.

Article by HP Mageson 666