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Message from High Priestess Maxine Dietrich:
It is a sad fact that some idiots have nothing better to do with their time and have no real 'life' of their own, that they have to put energy, time and effort into impersonating me online.


Given the intense amount of knowledge that we have learned from Satan and our Gods, from research, study, personal experiences, experiences of our members and more, with the massive size of the JoS website, we have not been able to keep up to date. We are small staffed. I am working on updating the meditations section. For those of you who are experienced Satanists and have spiritual knowledge, there is something important to always bear in mind. Because the enemy could not completely destroy all spiritual knowledge, much has been deliberately corrupted. The standard mainstream knowledge of the 7 main chakras is corrupt. The "heart" and all references to it is not located in the chest, but in the head, corresponding to the nadis.

The chakra known to most as the heart chakra in the chest is only a neuter and corresponds to Mercury. It is a connector. We have researched this to where there is no longer any doubt. The code word in ancient texts "heart" means in the head. The symbol of the well known Valentine's arrow through the heart is a code for fixing the energy; preventing the fall of the serpent.

I am working on updating the webpages that have obsolete information. There are quite a few.


SATAN'S LIBRARY is back up and running again. [Click Here]

The Yahoo groups are back up and running again. Please remember, if you post to these groups, save your post until you see it has been posted on the group, otherwise it could be lost. Also, check here and/or the forums for any problems like this, announcements, etc.

With the enemy working relentlessly to get control of the internet through reversing the rule on net neutrality, it is imperative to save any webpages, Mp3 audios, videos and so forth. Few people are aware of the danger everyone is in. Should the internet go down or be compromised, please continue on with the RTRs.
Most people have no idea of just how programmed by the enemy they are. For those of you who are able to, please try to reach as many people as possible. Audio Mp3s can reach large audiences at one time. This is extremely serious.

Nearly all of the broken links on this website and have been fixed. The attacks against a free internet are becoming more and more severe. The enemy is reversing an internet neutrality rule, in an attempt to try to get control of the internet. The internet is a huge threat to the enemy, as their lies and conspiracies are being exposed to millions of people. This is very serious. We will keep going as long as we can. Please scroll down this page and refer to the 10/April/2016 message here.

Most of the broken links have been replaced here through the Internet Archive. It is important to back out of these pages, as to keep clicking on the links and going in deeper can bring up obsolete webpages and/or webpages that lack the graphics. Satan's Library will be back up and running very soon, within a day or two. Again, do NOT wait! Save any webpages, information, etc, that you use and/or need right now. On the upside, the enemy is and has been failing miserably. Their communist empire collapsed and ever since, it has been downhill for them. It is just a matter of time. Too many people already know.

ALL of the Yahoo e-groups are down. Every Yahoo e-group, not just Joy of Satan e-groups. This appears to be permanent. Many people with e-groups from all backgrounds, beliefs and interests have been questioning Yahoo and of course Yahoo is giving no response. Given the enemy attacks to control the internet and also the deal with the FCC this month [many websites could become inaccessible], this will more than likely get worse. I strongly recommend saving anything of importance from any websites you frequent, as the internet could go down at any time. This also will impact the economy worldwide.
Please feel free to visit our forum You do not have to sign in or register to read the messages. Lurkers are always welcome.
Again, I will do my best to keep everyone up to date here in regards to any developments concerning our groups. There is much more information on the forums.

The Yahoo groups are back up and running again. Please remember, if you post to these groups, save your post until you see it has been posted on the group, otherwise it could be lost. Also, check here and/or the forums for any problems like this, announcements, etc.

Several of the Joy of Satan Yahoo egroups have been down for more than three days now. Most notably the Teens for Satan group. Posts are not making it through at all, both moderated and unmoderated. This appears to be affecting quite a few Yahoo groups outside of the JoS as well [all different interests, organizations and so forth].
Please visit our forums: Please Click Here
All new posts and discussions can be accessed from there. I will let you know here of any new developments. Also, with the forums, you do not have to register or join to just read through the messages. Lurkers are always welcome.

The New Forum is up and running now.
Please Click Here
It's like the former one, you don't need to sign up or register to read the articles.

Both and are now working again.

The Joy of Satan Forums are down. We will have new forums after the 4th of September, as Mercury is retrograde now. Also, there are problems with and

Updates and important information are also posted to Satan's Library Updates:

Hopefully, everything should be fixed, up and running after Mercury goes direct.

Returning Curses Part 2: Building a Powerful Aura of Protection [Webpage]

Returning Curses Part 2: Building a Powerful Aura of Protection.pdf


High Priest Hooded Cobra 666 has opened a new online store:
Azazel's Marketplace
JoS Apps for Android Phones, Astrology Readings and much more...

And Special thanks to Kamil for redoing most of the Sigils for the Gods.


We are well aware of the problems the server here has had in keeping these websites up and running. Please save and bookmark the link to the JoS Forums:
You do not have to join or be a member to read the posts on the forums. If this website should go down again or not be available, back up and mirror websites will be posted on the forum with information. We are working on creating mirror websites and I will have ZIP files of the entire JoS website available soon for downloading. Given the size of the JoS and affiliated websites, there will be several volumes.

Reverse Torah Ritual Schedule for 2016-2017


Happy Equinox everyone!
Right now, I am in the process of changing the font on all of the JoS websites in order to make webpages more visible and user-friendly for the many more smaller internet devices in use today, such as Android phones, I-Pads, tablets and so forth. In being user-friendly, I am not concerned with art or fashion, or with being fancy. Most important here, is making the pages easier to read and to load faster, nothing more. Satan's Message of Truth needs to reach as many people as possible. Satan's Truth must be accessible to everyone. To say this world is in a mess, is an understatement. Because more and more people are learning the truth, the enemy is on an aggressive and vicious rampage to try to destroy the entire world and life that is worthwhile in it. We must keep fighting. There is no other choice. Knowledge is of Satan and is the most important key in destroying the enemy once and for all. Once everyone KNOWS the truth, the enemy is no longer a threat, and can no longer deceive humanity.

The internet is now under severe attack. The enemy who has controlled the media, the press and communications for centuries is now on an onslaught in taking down any websites that expose them and their agenda. They have immense wealth, connections and power. This is the reason the hoaxes of Christianity, Islam and other nefarious programs have thrived and survived. Any opposition was severely crushed and removed. We must keep fighting. The enemy has openly bragged of taking down tens of thousands of websites around the world, that expose them and oppose them. The internet should be free and owned by no one, but the enemy has always felt they have the right to order others about and assume the position of "authority" to the detriment of everyone.

Because of the removal of any information exposing and opposing the enemy, for the time being, many articles and links to websites will be through the internet archive. If you close out the advertisement for this at the top of any archived webpages, the webpage is normal as it should be if you want to save or print anything. I have saved all of the JoS and affiliated webpages. This is not perfect. Some of the saved pages on the archive may be outdated, but we will do the best we can to provide links to any updated pages. If anything should happen in the way of being removed, I will just put it all back up again. Each time we are taken down, we learn and get even more organized. This is what we have and keep doing. If we can maintain and fight back in the face of attack, we will win. All freedom comes at a cost. At this point, the enemy is now facing what is analagous to trying to plug up holes in a dam. They have been exposed before tens of millions, thanks to the internet. The information is no longer suppressed and right now, too many people already know.

Do not wait to save webpages, PDFs, audio Mp3's, etc. With the enemy attacks, the entire internet could go down.

Please note that this website and many others are automatically saved through the "Internet Archive." If any links are broken, nearly all can be accessed at this link to the Internet Archive.

This will bring up the main page. Just copy & paste the URL into the "Internet Archive Way Back Machine" box and then click on "BROWSE HISTORY"

There are calendars for each month of an entire year with certain dates highlighted in blue circles. Click on any of the blue circles and this will pull up the date the website or webpage was saved. The most recent are the latest dates highlighted.