Tuning Chakras Through Vibration

Each of our chakras responds to and resonates within a certain pitch. One easy way we can find the right tone is going by feel. When we hit the right tone, we should be able to feel it in the chakra. This will cause the chakra to vibrate and release energy.

Please note: the following vibrations [words of power] have been corrected. The Traditional words in Sanskrit have been corrupted, and their effects were watered down. The vibrations given below are concentrated and exceptionally powerful, and are not for new/inexperienced meditators. I strongly advise new/inexperienced people to visit this webpage and begin with more moderate words of power, until the soul can handle more energy.

* The U's are pronounced as in the English word 'BLUE'
**Roll the 'R'

The vibrations given below are exceptionally powerful, and as with the above, should not be used by new/inexperienced meditators. Be aware of this.
WARNING: THE VIBRATION FOR THE BASE CHAKRA SATURN CAN EVOKE UNPLEASANT ENERGIES, SO BE AWARE OF THIS AND PROCEED WITH CAUTION. This has not happened with everyone, as some people have had positive experiences with this, but it is still a possibility. If you notice any problems manifesting in your life, then it may be best to use the vibrations above, instead of the following.



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