Reverse Torah Ritual to End Confusion

Vibrate the following paragraph of words 9 times. What this means is vibrate each of the words below, every word from the first word to the last. That is one time. Then, vibrate the same again and again until you have done this 9 times.

MAHD     MAHSH     EEH     DAH  



After vibrating the above paragraph 9 times:

V/W--AH--V/W     V/W--AH--V/W    V/W--AH--V/W
[Pronounced V/W--AHH--V/W]

Then, state with conviction 9 times:

After you have stated the above affirmation 9 times, vibrate
V/W--AH--V/W     V/W--AH--V/W     V/W--AH--V/W
once again to close the ritual.


End of Ritual


Key to pronouncing the words correctly:

 AH as in the American English word father
 EE as in the American English words seek and week
 EH as in the American English words pet, set, and let
 KH is guttural and the sound is made in the back of the throat
 OH as in the American English words oh and go
 UH as in the American English word cut and tub
 UU as in the American English words hoop and too
 V/W is between a V and a W

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